Saturday, July 26, 2008

Senior B

B is a senior this year and a past student of my mom's. She has grown into such a beautiful young woman! I had so much fun with her this evening. She brought her mom and boyfriend and gave me the best serious faces ever yet could turn on the smile in no time!

Brittney PROOF 03

What a gorgeous smile! I love that dimple!
Brittney PROOF 02

Brittney PROOF 01

B was up for anything. I joked about climbing up on this old root house...and before I knew it she was up there. I am so glad the wind kicked in for us too!
Brittney PROOF 04

Another serious shot but with a glimpse of that smile to come.

Brittney PROOF 05

Thank you for letting me spend the evening with you today. I hope your pictures are everything you hoped for and that you have a fabulous senior year!

Don't forget to leave a message for the family (or me) if you're checking them out!

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