Saturday, September 13, 2008

The best of friends...

Today was a fabulous day. My family got to spend the day with my oldest friend! We go all the way back to 1st grade and have been through so much together. I am so happy I was able to capture some pictures of her beautiful family! Thank you so much for coming to visit us in Seattle!

Lumabas 12


Janice said...

What a beautiful family! You did a great job with the pictures! Their son is adorable! What a personality!

Anonymous said...


You have a beautiful family! Julie-wonderful pictures of a wonderful family.


Keri said...

These are so sweet! What a cute little guy!

Photography By Alyssa said...

Look at that smile. I bet you all had fun.

Meg Caton Photography said...

WOW Julie those are really good. How did I not know you had a blog/site? Oh well, I found you now. I love it!! I also love those cards you're offering.